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"Abandoned And Adopted"

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Full length movie 68 minutes playing time
Featuring Lillian and newcomer Tilly

Lillian opens her door to find Tilly in a basket wearing only her thick cloth diaper, hair in pigtails and booties. Tilly has a note on her that says "Please take care of my girl". Lillian brings her into the nursery and discovers her diaper in need of change. After removing the smelly diaper Lillian figures Tilly needs a bath. She leaves Tilly in the nursery with some cute toys while she runs the bath. Then she has Tilly crawl into the bathroom with her and places Tilly in the tub and gives her new girl her first bath.

After bath time Tilly is dried off and then placed in thick cloth diaper, plastic pants, booties, and a bonnet. Lillian looks up to the clock seeing its getting around lunch time and pulls down her dress to nurse her. Tilly sucks hungrily on both boobies until her tummy is nice and full. She becomes quite tired so Lillian puts her in the crib for a much needed nap.

After Tilly wakes up Lillian checks her diaper and, sure enough, it is soaked. She changes her into a fresh cloth diaper and the cutest frilly rhumba red and white plastic pants. She also dresses her in the matching red sailor dress, anklet socks and Mary Jane shoes.

Tilly is looking a little more grown up so Lillian tries to get her to take her first steps. Lillian holds Tilly's hand but Tilly is all wobbly and falls down a lot (nicely showcasing her red rhumba diaper cover). Tilly finally makes it over to Lillian who hugs her and gives her diaper pats.

Then it the end of a big day and Lillian takes off all Tilly's clothes and puts her in a onesie and then her cot for the night. Tilly is growing up fast and Lillian lays out school clothes for the morning

Tilly wakes in the morning very confused as to where she is. But Lillian comes in and assures her all is good and she is going to love her and care for her the rest of her life. Lillian checks and finds her diaper surprisingly dry. She informs her girl she is ready to go to school and dresses her in the French toast school jumper, with Mary Janes and anklet socks. Lillian grabs her girls hands as they walk towards the door.

Later in the day Tilly is home from her first day at school. Lillian gives her a big hugs then detects a little smell and, not surprisingly Tilly's diaper is saturated after being in it the whole day. Lillian changes her into a nice new BunnyHopps sposie and a pretty dress. Then she gives her a bottle of warm formula. Tilly has most of it but after such a busy day she nods off on her new mommy's lap.

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